The most popular food choices at Poppo's Taqueria

May 30, 2023
Most Popular Foods Items at Poppo's

Everyone has their own favorite foods and flavor combinations that they love more than anything. For me, there's nothing better than a burrito bowl with carne asada and honey lime cabbage! Or, Maybe you're more adventurous and like to switch it up with every visit - adjusting and experimenting until you find the perfect combination that hits you just right. But what are the most popular food items at Poppo's?

Poppo's burrito on a table with guacamole, sour cream, and mexican soda

Options Galore

Here at Poppo's, our most popular food item is our burritos, hands down. Whether you're going for the classic burrito - a combo of white rice, pinto beans, carnitas, pico de gallo, salsa verde, & melted jack cheese on a full-size tortilla - or a combo that's uniquely you, the burrito is an all time favorite food that will never go out of style. We love our tacos, quesadillas, and burrito bowls just as much, of course, but if you haven't given our classic burrito a try, we'd be crazy to not recommend it!

Individual Mexican food ingredients in containers on a table for catering


When it comes to proteins, there's a debate among Poppo's lovers as to what the best is, but overall our ancho chicken reigns as king of the proteins! While some people love our carnitas or carne asada, the popularity of our ancho chicken is undeniable!

Two tacos in a to-go box


And last but not least, we have to talk about the toppings we have! Of course, we have all the standards like fresh jack cheese and pico de gallo. Or maybe you like having some diced red onion and cilantro in the mix? Really though, we're super proud of our more unique options. Our honey lime cabbage and pineapple hot sauce have a bit of a cult following among our regulars!

If you haven't already, head over to the menu page to check out the full list of options available at Poppo's. Maybe you'll come up with a new and unique combination that you can try on your next visit! Don't forget, you can always skip the line and order online the next time you have your Poppo's cravings!

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