Our Philosophy

Thoughtfully sourced, made from scratch.

Poppo's "P" IconPoppo's employee handing bag of food to customer in their car
Poppo's "P" IconFamily photo of Poppo's owners

The idea behind Poppo’s Taqueria is to provide an accessible option that serves authentic food people will love and feel good about eating. Our restaurants use carefully chosen, wholesome ingredients, prepared with care, and minimally processed. We strive to under-promise and over-deliver. ‘No compromises’ reminds us to bring enthusiasm and integrity to our decision-making, to be who we say we are, especially when no one is looking. We believe the difference can be felt, experienced, and tasted.

Two kids enjoying free lunch in front of Poppo's sign

Culture is inherently a living expression of the many contributions of the people involved in its mechanics. A good culture, like a good family, is created and maintained through the sincere engagement of its members toward a shared goal with a shared set of values. This is what is meant by ‘love shared.’ It is crucial to discover how to relate to one’s work in a way that brings meaning to one’s daily activities. This meaning will be different for each of us. Poppo’s Taqueria aspires to constantly create a platform upon which this kind of engagement is possible.

The Poppo's team planning and brainstorming at one of our organic restaurants

We are a family-owned and operated fast casual chain of restaurants. Our inspiration is drawn from the taquerias of Oakland and San Francisco, where our family lived for many years. We opened our first location in Anna Maria, Fl. in 2013 on a shoestring budget and a lot of hard work. We now operate multiple locations in the Tampa Bay area.

The name ‘Poppo’ was a moniker we gave our grandpa. Though he passed on in 2001, he remains an inspiration to our family. It is meaningful for us to honor and remember him in this small way.

At Poppo's, we strive to be a local chain of fresh, natural, and clean restaurants that is loved by locals, revered by tourists, and recommended by everyone. Creating antibiotic and hormone-free food that tastes great is part of what makes Poppo's different from our competitors. Even though our food is good for you, we're still one of the number one recommended restaurants in the area and have a dedicated group of regulars.

Poppo's "P" IconPoppo's salsa jars sitting on display in a window
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