Here at Poppo’s Taqueria, we want to reward our customers for choosing us by making every visit even more enjoyable. So, we offer a way for you to get free food from our restaurants! For every dollar spent at Poppo's Tacos, members of our loyalty program earn one point. The beauty of this loyalty program lies in its versatility; whether you're a regular or an occasional visitor, every dollar spent at Poppo's Tacos gets you closer to unlocking fresh and exciting rewards!

75 Points

At just 75 points, you can claim a complimentary extra or side dish, allowing you to enhance your regular dining experience with a flavorful addition.

125 Points

As you progress further in your loyalty journey, Poppo's Taqueria celebrates your dedication by offering a free basic entree item at 125 points. Sink your teeth into any item from our menu, such as our delectable Bean Burritos, Poppo’s Tacos, or Black Bean Quesadillas, without ever spending a penny!

150 Points

Reaching 150 points unlocks an even more enticing reward – a free upgraded menu item. As you’re aware, Poppo’s offers a unique option to build your own meal based on a range of items: a burrito, a bowl, a big bowl, a quesadilla, or 2 tacos. Take your dining experience to new heights by customizing your chosen meal with our range of bases, protein, toppings, and even salsa and garnish. Who doesn't like free food?

400 Points

At 400 points, you’ve reached the pinnacle of the Poppo’s Taqueria loyalty program. As a loyal patron, you can claim custom Poppo's merchandise in the form of a stylish hat or shirt. These exclusive items not only showcase your love for our food but also make you a part of the Poppo's Taqueria family!
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Gift Card Bonuses

Ever want a little more bang for your buck? Well now you can get exactly that. Right now, we're offering additional bonus gift cards on every gift card purchase! Use the link below and automatically get an additional gift card for 20% of whatever you purchase. Buying a $50 card? Here's an extra $10 on us!
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