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Poppo's Philosophy

Poppo’s Taqueria is a family owned and operated Mexican inspired restaurant. We trace our roots to street food of San Francisco’s Mission District. Poppo’s offers unique, layered flavors through the use of real, fresh ingredients, hard work, and the passionate application of skill. We take a no compromise approach in everything we do. Our mission is to redefine the fast casual food experience, to exceed reasonable expectations, and to do things no one else is doing. We put our hearts and minds into every aspect of our craft, the seen and the unseen, because we believe the difference can be felt, experienced and tasted.

The Story

The idea of opening a San Francisco style taqueria had been batted around a lot over the years, but it never really had a name. There were some ideas, mostly non-starters – Isla, Quixote, Anna Maria, and some others. I don’t recall specifically who did it, but when someone blurted out Poppo’s at a family dinner it was like we all had the idea at the same time. It just fit, even more than we could have known. Poppo was our nickname for my grandpa. His real name was Frank P. Harris. Even though he passed on in August of 2001, he remains an inspiration for our family, a singular example of love and unity. Poppo was not a cook, and he didn’t care much for spicy foods. The name was to honor him in our family business. Even though he couldn’t be there, he would be with us.

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