10 Deliciously Clean Toppings for Your Mission-Style Tacos and Burritos

November 7, 2023

At Poppo's, our toppings are our lifeblood. The unique combination of toppings that you get is what makes you, well, unique! From classics like pico de gallo to special options like our honey-lime cabbage, there is something to behold about each and every one of our toppings. Here are our 10 favorites to prepare you for lunch 😉

1. Corn & Black Bean Salsa

2. Pickled Onions

3. Pico de Gallo

4. Honey Lime Cabbage

5. Cilantro

6. Arugula

7. Feta Cheese

8. Salsa Verde

9. Pineapple Hot Sauce

10. Jalapeno Relish

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