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Name Day

we’re on a first-name basis

It’s nothing new, but in case you haven’t heard — we’re the first to do this thing called Name Day™. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, we give out 2 free tacos to anyone with the weekly name.

It’s one way of showing our appreciation for Poppo’s customers and fans. Because everyone likes to feel special and everyone likes free tacos!

Check our social media on Tuesdays to see if your name is the lucky winner!

the details

  • You’ll need a valid ID to prove your name.

  • Yes, we accept multiple spellings.

  • And yes, we really do try to pick diverse names!

  • When we pick an obscure one, it’s because we know the struggle of having an uncommon name. (So we don’t wanna hear “YoU jUsT dOn’T wAnT tO gIvE aWaY aNy TaCoS!” The unloved names need love too, ya know.)

  • We take requests! If you ask nicely, we’ll probably add your name to the list.