Wild Boar Chorizo

We are really proud of our Wild Boar Chorizo. Not only do we think it is one of the most healthful and flavorful items on our menu, the use of feral pigs in restaurants is essentially a form of environmental preservation.

As many Floridians know, the mostly unchecked population growth of these non-native animals has been a massive problem for farmers, and for the local ecology. In 2012 it was estimated that there were over half a million feral pigs in Florida alone. They compete with local animals for food sources, even preying on small mammals and the nests of birds and reptiles, including turtles. When wild forage becomes scarce, they will frequently consume agricultural crops, and even target domesticated livestock.

Until the USDA decided to allow the processing of wild pigs for commercial sale, we had to rely on private hunters. This was the least wasteful option, since private hunters frequently eat what they hunt. However, the state would also hire hunters to manage the population, resulting in thousands of feral pigs going to waste.

Now that restaurants like Poppo’s are allowed to serve wild boar, it means more incentive for hunters to hunt, and a lot less waste when they do. So every time you eat a delicious taco on a homemade fresh-pressed tortilla with Wild Boar Chorizo, pickled onions and arugula, or whatever additional condiment choose, you are doing your part in Florida environment preservation.

Together, if we all do our part, we are creating a healthier, more sustainable world for all of us to live in.