Window sign reading "More Love More Tacos"

In the world of love, there is no better day than Valentine’s Day, and what a great way to celebrate this special occasion than to have authentic Mission-style tacos at Poppo’s? In this article, learn how Poppo’s can make your midweek Valentine's Day meal memorable with their artisanal street food.

The Love Language of Tacos

Food is universally loved, irrespective of cultures or languages; it brings people together. You would do well to show your affection for someone you hold dear by sharing a plateful of flavorful tacos on Valentine’s Day. At Poppo's, each bite is an expression of devotion for genuine Mission-style fare.

The Romance of Mission-Style Food

Mission-style food has a strong foundation in tradition and heritage, giving it an extensive range of flavors and textures. Each component in a mission-style taco – from its tender meats, vibrant salsas and homemade tortillas - is connected to a story. Just imagine having a romantic dinner at Poppo's, where the ambiance is just as inviting as the food, providing an unique and unforgettable Valentine’s experience!

Love Meets Tacos Here

Poppo's: Where Love Meets Tacos. Located in the heart of Pine Ave, Florida, Poppo's is known for its dedication to quality and authenticity. Their Mission-style tacos are made with love, using handpicked ingredients that give homage to the vivacious Mission style flavors. A warm ambiance teeming with casual intimacy to enjoy a nice meal with your significant other or simply go out and have fun with friends.

Make Your Valentine's Day Different

This Valentine’s Day, do not think about a typical dinner date but undertake a gastronomic adventure at Poppo's. Everything here is about amazing food and genuine hospitality; beginning with their signature Classic Burrito, to their irresistible Poppo’s Taco, this can be seen clearly through each dish they serve. Give your beloved an experience they will always remember by treating them to a unique meal that will create memories lasting forever.

You know what? This Valentine’s Day you should celebrate a love like none other by having authentic Mission-style tacos from Poppo's! They’ve got amazing food, cozy environment and rich heritage making them ideal for this Valentine’s Day. Gather your loved ones together, toast to love and let Poppo’s take care of the rest.

Two tacos in a to-go box

In today's fast-paced society, our dietary decisions are often influenced by our busy lifestyles. However, adopting the practice of mindful eating can greatly contribute to improving our overall health. Poppo's Taqueria, renowned for its dedication to using high-quality ingredients, provides a sanctuary for individuals who prioritize nutrient-rich meals that align with mindful eating principles. Let us delve into the concept of mindful eating and discover the wide array of nourishing choices available at Poppo's.

Understanding Mindful Eating:

Mindful eating is a practice based on mindfulness, meaning having more awareness of the present and not judging food. Mindful eating is paying attention to the taste, texture, and scent of food, as well as recognizing your own hunger and fullness cues. Poppo’s Taqueria provides an ideal setting for practicing mindful eating with its diverse menu and emphasis on fresh, flavorful ingredients.

Starting with a Purposeful Exploration of Menu:

Mindful eating begins with a purposeful exploration of the menu. Review the Poppo’s menu for some time so that you can reflect on how each item fits into your overall nutritional plan and present appetite. From tacos to burritos to bowls, there is definitely a flavorful and nourishing option for everyone visiting Poppo’s and viewing the extensive menu.

Choose Vibrant, Nutritious Ingredients: 

Poppo’s Taqueria is known for its fresh and vibrant ingredients. While practicing mindful eating, one should choose colorful and diverse vegetables and toppings rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These ingredients give meals a unique flavor profile as well as the essential nutrients - protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals - for your body.

Lean Proteins for Sustained Energy:

When eating mindfully, choose proteins that both nourish your body and provide sustainable energy. Poppo’s provides different lean protein options, including Ancho Chicken and Tempeh. When you eat lean proteins, your well-rounded meal supports muscle health, energy production, and feeling full for longer.

Whole Grains for Sustained Satisfaction

Brown rice is a source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making it a hearty option for the base of your Poppo’s menu item. Increasing fiber in your diet helps regulate sugar intake and staves off hunger, making your meal count. In addition, brown rice is rich in Iron; pairing brown rice with a leafy green such as arugula will give you immediate energy while replenishing the Iron and Vitamin B-12 needed for overall well-being.

Customization for Personalized Nutrition

One good thing about mindful eating is that people build their own meals according to what suits them best. This approach is embraced by Poppo’s Taqueria, where customers can choose from a range of combinations when building their meal.

Thirst Quenchers with a Punch

To keep the body hydrated, drinks should also be mindfully chosen. Poppo’s has a variety of beverage options that pair well with your nutrient-dense meal. While the handcrafted sodas available are sweetened with real cane sugar, choose herbal teas, such as Kombucha or or flavored sparkling water to stay hydrated without sugar and empty calories.

Every Bite Counts

Mindful eating calls for appreciating each bite by savoring the taste sensations from different food textures. Poppo’s Taqueria provides a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy your meals tailored to your time needs. As such, put away your phone, pay attention to your senses, savoring the food experience.

Be Aware of Portions

One element of mindful eating is being able to know what portion sizes are appropriate. At Poppo’s there are different portions available so that you may choose depending on how hungry you are and what kind of nutritional goals you have. This way you will get enough food to be satisfied without overindulging.

A Positive Dining Experience

Apart from nutrition, mindful eating helps create positive and joyful dining experiences. Poppo’s Taqueria creates an environment where quality ingredients, craftsmanship, and variety in the menu gives you an opportunity to cultivate a good relationship with food and your body.

Choosing to be mindful in the way we feed our bodies at Poppo’s Taqueria develops a happier and healthier relationship with eating. By being mindful of what we eat, enjoying each bite, and going for nutrient-dense alternatives will help you create an atmosphere conducive to good health. Therefore, next time you go to Poppo’s, just keep in mind that every conscious and flavorful choice you make is part of your path towards a more healthy self.

Close up photo of Poppo's bowl with beef and pico de gallo

On the path to living healthier, we often find ourselves being more careful about the food we eat. With its vibrant and flavorful mission style cuisine, Poppo’s Taqueria proves that clean eating can be tasty and fulfilling. This beginner's guide will help you navigate the art of making healthier choices, ensuring you meet your nutritional goals.

Whole Grain Options

Kick start your clean eating journey by choosing whole grain options beginning at the tortilla press. Whole grains are packed with dietary fiber and other important nutrients that make them a healthier choice than refined grains. Whole wheat tortillas for your tacos or burritos enhances the nutritional value of your meal without compromising on taste.

Load Up on Superfoods: One of the pillars of clean eating is including lots of fresh produce into your meals. At Poppo’s, there are a variety of colorful and freshly cut vegetables to add to your plate. Ingesting large amounts of leafy greens, such as arugula and cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and peppers adds vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to diet; these are nutrient-packed choices that enhance flavor while contributing to optimal health.

Lean Protein

When visiting Poppo’s, you can select lean proteins such as Ancho Chicken and Tempeh, our plant-based alternative, that are high in protein and low in fat. Such sources of protein contribute to muscle strengthening, post-workout recovery, and long-term fullness. Additionally, all Poppo’s proteins are antibiotic- and hormone-free, helping to nourish your body without any toxins.

Customizable Portions

Healthy eating also involves portion control. The Poppo’s menu includes multiple item sizes, allowing customers to place orders appropriate to their appetite, minimizing waste and overindulgence. With many options, there are options for everyone to build an appealing and guilt-free meal.

Avoid Dairy

While all Poppo’s dairy options are hormone-free, and these may seem tempting toppings for your Mexican-inspired feast, consider using them sparingly if you are seeking lower caloric meals. Aside from having lots of calories, cheese and sour cream contain high amounts of saturated fats. Add these toppings in small quantities or opt to add Chimi-Aioli or Guacamole, both containing healthy fats, for a richer texture in your food.

Keep Hydrated With Water Or Herbal Tea

Poppo’s Taqueria provides beverage options to pair well with your healthy meal, including naturally sourced and flavored waters and teas prolonging hydration. An excellent beverage option is a bottle of Mother Kombucha, available in many different flavors, to add probiotics and antioxidants into your meal, limiting inflammation and aiding digestion. Regardless of your beverage choice, all drinks available at Poppo’s are naturally sweetened, containing no high fructose corn syrup, and dye-free, making your meal as well-balanced and clean as possible.

I had a good time at Poppo’s Taqueria beginning my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to mission style food, you can indulge in all its goodness without being worried about the calories, additives, or post-meal fatigue. Poppo’s Taqueria is a culinary haven for those who are committed to clean eating, each dining experience edging one closer to a newer, happier self. Here is to tasting the harmonious blend of health and flavor!

Poppo's Taqueria is all over social media, and we wanted to show off some of our reviews from some Instagram critics! Check these out and, while you're at it, go follow us on Instagram as well!

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This awesome clip from When in Tampa reads:

Must-try tacos, quesadillas & more! 🌮

If you haven’t been to @poppostaqueria, you’re missing out! I highly recommend the crispy corn tacos and their quesadillas! They’re also very generous with toppings!

📍 Locations in St Pete, Sarasota, Bradenton & AMI

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This post from @laurenwestroberts is too kind! We'll let her speak for herself, but we love hearing our food referred to as "super fresh and absolutely delicious"

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@tampafoodgirl visited us recently and called it "phenomenal" - We are so honored by this amazing review!

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Dave Stein (@dbotworld) says "I love the freshness of this place" and "I normally don't finish a burrito, but this was a phenomenal burrito" - Thanks so much Dave!

At Poppo's, our toppings are our lifeblood. The unique combination of toppings that you get is what makes you, well, unique! From classics like pico de gallo to special options like our honey-lime cabbage, there is something to behold about each and every one of our toppings. Here are our 10 favorites to prepare you for lunch 😉

1. Corn & Black Bean Salsa

2. Pickled Onions

3. Pico de Gallo

4. Honey Lime Cabbage

5. Cilantro

6. Arugula

7. Feta Cheese

8. Salsa Verde

9. Pineapple Hot Sauce

10. Jalapeno Relish

In the sunny coastal towns of Florida's Gulf Coast, Poppo's Taqueria has become a mecca for health-conscious diners seeking more than just a meal. This local chain of restaurants offers a unique culinary experience, blending the flavors of San Francisco's Mission-style cuisine with a commitment to natural, fresh ingredients. If you're a health enthusiast looking for a dining spot that aligns with your wellness goals, here are five reasons why you'll fall in love with Poppo's:

Two tacos in a to-go box

1. Natural Ingredients:

Poppo's stands out for its unwavering dedication to natural ingredients. They understand that health-conscious individuals value what goes into their bodies, and that's why they source only the freshest, unadulterated ingredients for their dishes. From the fresh tortillas to the lean proteins and fresh vegetables, every item on Poppo's menu is carefully selected to provide not just a delicious meal but also one that nourishes the body. No artificial additives or preservatives here; just pure, wholesome goodness.

2. Innovative Menu Items:

Poppo's prides itself on thinking outside the box when it comes to culinary creations. Health enthusiasts love the restaurant's inventive menu items that cater to their desire for both exciting flavors and nutrition. While Poppo's takes inspiration from the Mission-style cuisine of San Francisco, it's important to note that they're not a Mexican restaurant. Instead, they offer a unique fusion of flavors, including customizable burrito bowls, perfectly grilled quesadillas, and the creative "Poppo's Picks". These innovative options make healthy eating not only easy but also deliciously enticing.

Poppos' burrito in front of palm leaves, cross-cut to show off the healthier, natural ingredients

3. Thoughtfully Sourced Foods:

Poppo's believes in the power of conscious sourcing. They work closely with local suppliers who share their commitment to sustainability and quality. Health-conscious diners can take comfort in knowing that the food they enjoy at Poppo's is not only a treat for their taste buds but also a responsible choice for the planet. This dedication to ethical and local sourcing aligns perfectly with the values of those who care about the broader impact of their food choices.

4. Unbeatable Flavors:

At Poppo's, healthy eating doesn't mean compromising on flavor. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Their chefs skillfully combine natural ingredients to create dishes that are bursting with taste. The flavors of fresh herbs, homemade salsas, and thoughtfully prepared proteins harmonize to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. Health-conscious diners can indulge in their favorite dishes without guilt, knowing that every bite is a culinary delight.

Poppo's employee handing bag of food to customer in their car

5. Dedication to Improvement:

Poppo's commitment to health-conscious dining doesn't stop at the plate. They have a genuine dedication to continuous improvement. This is evident in their evolving menu offerings, which stay in tune with the latest health trends and customer feedback. The restaurant's receptiveness to customer input shows they are genuinely invested in providing the best possible dining experience for their health-conscious patrons.

In conclusion, Poppo's Taqueria is a haven for health enthusiasts seeking a dining experience that marries natural ingredients, innovative menu items, thoughtfully sourced foods, unbeatable flavors, and a commitment to improvement. If you're passionate about your health and appreciate delicious, wholesome food, Poppo's should be at the top of your list when visiting the Gulf Coast of Florida. To learn more about their philosophy and offerings, check their about page. Your taste buds and your well-being will thank you.

In the bustling world of culinary choices, finding a restaurant that stands out from the rest can be a delightful challenge. Amidst a sea of dining options, one name that has consistently won food enthusiasts' hearts and taste buds is Poppo's Taqueria. With a mission to redefine how we experience tacos, our vibrant eatery has captured the attention of foodies far and wide. But what exactly sets us apart and has people choosing Poppo's over alternatives? Let's delve into the enticing world of Poppo's and explore the elements that make it a culinary gem.

Two kids enjoying free lunch in front of Poppo's sign

We don't compromise

One of our mottos that we're always saying around here is that at Poppo's, we don't compromise on ingredients, flavors, or anything else. This philosophy extends to all areas of our business from the food we cook to the experiences we create, to the memories we help people make. Unlike other restaurants, we simply refuse to cut corners because we know that doing so makes us no better than our competitors.

Visit one of our locations, and you'll see what we're talking about. It's easy for us to say good things about ourselves, so give us a try and you can be the judge!

Poppo's burrito on a table with guacamole, sour cream, and mexican soda

Natural Ingredients

At Poppo's, we use fresh, natural ingredients for everything. This means that you're getting not only the best flavors and the freshest products, but also that our food is good for you! We're not using processed junk to help make our costs cheaper, and you'll notice it no matter what you're eating. Take our pico de gallo, for example: Made with antibiotic and hormone-free tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, you can't find a better alternative anywhere else!

Every dish at Poppo's Taqueria is a carefully crafted journey of flavors. We believe that food should do more than just fill your stomach – it should transport your taste buds to new horizons. From the intricate blend of spices in our marinades to the balance of textures in each taco, every detail is meticulously designed to create an experience that tantalizes the senses. When you choose Poppo's, you're not just choosing a meal; you're embarking on a flavorful adventure.

Window sign reading "More Love More Tacos"

Community and Connection

Poppo's isn't just a place to eat; it's a community hub where people come together to share moments, stories, and laughter. Our welcoming ambiance is more than just aesthetics; it's a reflection of our commitment to fostering connections. Whether you're dining with friends, family, or even flying solo, you'll find a warm atmosphere that invites you to relax and savor each bite. At Poppo's, we believe that food has the power to bring people closer, and we're proud to be the backdrop for countless memories and conversations.

Poppo's employee assembling a taco for a customer

Innovation Without Boundaries

At the heart of Poppo's philosophy is the spirit of innovation. We're not content with simply following culinary trends – we're here to set them. Our chefs are always experimenting with unique ingredients, techniques, and presentations to push the boundaries of traditional Mexican cuisine. This commitment to innovation means that every visit to Poppo's brings the possibility of discovering something new and exciting on the menu. We take pride in being a destination for those who crave novelty and culinary creativity.

Most Popular Foods Items at Poppo's

Conclusion: A Tapestry of Taste

In a world where dining options are aplenty, Poppo's Taqueria stands out as a vibrant thread in the tapestry of gastronomy. It's not just about the food we serve; it's about the passion, principles, and experiences that weave together to create a unique culinary masterpiece. From our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability to the immersive adventures we offer through flavors, connections, and innovation, Poppo's is more than a restaurant – it's a destination where taste becomes a journey and dining becomes an art. So, why are people choosing Poppo's over alternatives? The answer lies in the symphony of reasons that come together to create an unforgettable dining experience.

If you're a fan of Mexican cuisine and happen to be on the Florida Gulf Coast, you're in for a treat! Meet Poppo's Taqueria, a local chain of restaurants that has been making waves with its fresh, nautral, and flavorful offerings. If you've been searching for a Chipotle alternative that takes quality and sustainability seriously, Poppo's is your new go-to destination. In this blog post, we'll dive into what makes Poppo's Taqueria so special and why it has garnered a dedicated following among locals and visitors alike.

Baskets of diverse tacos sitting on a table

A Cult Following: What Sets Poppo's Apart as the Ultimate Chipotle Alternative?

Unlike the typical fast-food-style setup of many Mexican restaurants, Poppo's Taqueria has emerged as the ultimate Chipotle alternative in the Florida Gulf Coast, captivating the hearts of locals and visitors alike. From the moment you step inside, the aroma of sizzling meats and the vibrant display of fresh toppings will make you feel at home. Poppo's focuses on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where customers can indulge in a delightful culinary experience, surpassing the appeal of its competitors.

1. Fresh and Sustainable Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, Poppo's Taqueria raises the bar and sets itself apart as a top-notch Chipotle alternative. The restaurant takes pride in using thoughtfully and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that every topping, from the crisp lettuce to the juicy tomatoes, is of the highest quality. Poppo's commitment to sustainability not only elevates the taste of our dishes but also aligns with the values of health-conscious individuals and environmentally-conscious diners.

2. Made-to-Order Customization: Unleash Your Creativity, Chipotle-Style

Similar to Chipotle, Poppo's offers made-to-order customization that empowers customers to be the architects of their own taco or bowl masterpieces. However, what sets Poppo's apart as a Chipotle alternative is its diverse protein options, including succulent free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, tender pork, and delectable vegan choices. With an array of fresh salsas, guacamole, and toppings galore, Poppo's takes the customization experience to a whole new level, inviting customers to explore unique flavor combinations and make every meal a personalized delight.

3. A Guilt-Free Indulgence: Healthier Choices, Tastier Experience

While Chipotle has its appeal, Poppo's Taqueria stands out as a guilt-free Chipotle alternative. With its organic focus and healthier ingredients, Poppo's allows diners to savor their meals without compromising on taste or nutritional value. Whether you're health-conscious or simply appreciate a fresh and wholesome meal, Poppo's offers a menu that caters to diverse dietary preferences, making it the go-to spot for those seeking a guilt-free indulgence.

4. Community Connection: Beyond Being a Chipotle Alternative

Poppo's Taqueria is not just a restaurant but a thriving community hub, strengthening its position as a Chipotle alternative with a unique identity. The welcoming ambiance fosters a sense of belonging, attracting regulars and newcomers alike. Families, friends, and solo diners often come together at Poppo's, embracing the camaraderie that comes with enjoying good food and good company. Poppo's dedication to community-building enhances the overall dining experience and sets it apart from the fast-food chains.

A chipotle alternative burrito bowl sitting on a table.

When it comes to finding a Chipotle alternative that excels in taste, sustainability, and a sense of community, Poppo's Taqueria shines as the ultimate choice in the Florida Gulf Coast. With its commitment to from scratch, locally sourced ingredients and made-to-order customization, Poppo's elevates the Mexican dining experience to new heights. So, if you're seeking a Chipotle alternative that checks all the boxes for freshness, quality, and a warm community ambiance, Poppo's Taqueria is the go-to destination for a culinary adventure that will leave you coming back for more.

Assembly-line-style restaurants are more popular than ever. They make it easy to get great food, and learning how to order is super easy! There are all kinds of restaurants with a range of cultures and foods that let people pick and choose what they want to eat. The classic example is Subway, and one of our bigger competitors is Chipotle. Honestly, we think it's a great system!

That said, we've realized that the system might not be accessible to everyone. Some people have never ordered at this restaurant-style and are nervous about the experience. Some people have social anxiety and prefer to order online (which you can totally do, by the way). But just in case, or if you're just curious about what we offer, here's a quick guide on how to order!

Step 1: Item/Style

All our food at Poppo's has the potential for the same ingredients, but the foundation of your meal comes down to style. We have five basic options:

The burrito is the purest form of mission-style food. We love it for its portability and straight up deliciousness.

You can get 2 tacos if you're looking for a classic - corn of flour tortillas are available so you can get whichever you like.

The bowl and big bowl are perfect for eating with a fork and when you want to just mix everything together. Get the big one if you're extra hungry or just want to take Poppo's home with you for later!

The quesadilla is a show-stopper in my opinion. A grilled flour tortilla with melted cheese makes the entire Poppo's experience super memorable.

Step 2: Base

Our bases are the foundations for our food. Thankfully, this is a pretty easy choice. We have two rice options - white rice and brown rice, along with two beans - black beans and pinto beans.

The standard choice is one rice and one bean, but at Poppo's there are no rules.

Skip the beans, double up on the rice, go for all four, or any combination in between. It's your meal, make it what you want it to be!

Step 3: Protein

The ultimate personality test is what protein you pick. Whether you prefer Ancho Chicken, Carnitas, Carne Asada, or Tempeh, you simply can't go wrong. Our only regret is not being able to get all four!

(You could actually get all four, but be warned, your burrito will be pretty tough to roll up!)

Step 4: Toppings & Garnishes

Finally, we're on to the good (best?) part! The TOPPINGS make the dish. Honestly, they're all amazing and I recommend you try them all. It took me quite a few trips to nail down my perfect combo - feta cheese, pickled onion, honey lime cabbage, & cilantro. Absolutely to die for! Here's a full list of our toppings:

We also have several salsa & garnish options that can add that extra kick (or zest) to your dish.

We hope this quick (but detailed) guide on how to order at Poppo's has helped to ease your mind for your first trip, or just gave you some ideas for what to try during your next. We love all our customers, and giving you the option to express yourself by customizing your meal however you want is just one way that we can show that!

Hand holding a Poppo's taco with layered ingredients

Bonus: Pre-Made Options!

If you're ready to spin the wheel of fate, check out our pre-made options like our Humble Heroes or Poppo's Picks! These are pre-determined variations of the choices above that we have tested and know are amazing choices. The Humble Heroes menu is specifically great for kids, as they included smaller options like our baby burrito!

Here at Poppo’s Taqueria, we offer a unique beverage experience alongside our delicious cuisine with a selection of gourmet craft sodas. These exquisite soft drinks, made with real cane sugar and other natural sweeteners, provide customers with a lower-calorie, sweet and delicious alternative to traditional soda options.

Two kids enjoying lunc and soda in front of Poppo's

Fountainhead Gourmet Craft Sodas are a perfect blend of rich flavors that cater to a diverse range of palates. Made with all-natural ingredients, this ensures an authentic and superior taste that can’t be replicated by artificial substitutes. Whether you prefer classic cola, lemon-lime, black cherry, or more, these drinks offer an extensive selection of flavors to complement your meal.

Logo for fountainhead gourmet craft sodas

We understand the importance of health-conscious options, which is why the base of these beverages comes from real cane sugar, which is known for its rich and natural sweetness. Compared to traditional soft drinks (like Coke and Pepsi) made from high fructose corn syrup and loaded with artificial sweeteners and excessive calories, Fountainhead Gourmet Craft Sodas contain all-natural ingredients and sweeteners, offering both a much healthier and far more delicious experience.

Graphic showing fountainhead soda options: cola, black cherry, ginger ale, lemon lime, and tonic.

For carbonated drink enthusiasts seeking a superior and healthier alternative to traditional carbonated beverages, our gourmet craft sodas are a must-try! With a wide range of flavors and the use of natural ingredients, these craft sodas provide a lower-calorie alternative to traditional options without compromising on taste. Customers can indulge in these delicious beverages with the confidence that they are making a mindful choice for their well-being.

So, the next time you visit Poppo's Taqueria, be sure to treat yourself to the exceptional flavors of Fountainhead Gourmet Craft Sodas and embark on a delicious and guilt-free soft drink experience

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