Author: Caitlin Peshek

A True Poppo’s Fan: Meet Miguel, Lockwood’s General Manager

My name is Miguel Antonio Cedeno, and I am the General Manager of Poppo’s Taqueria on Lockwood Ridge. When I think of my time working with Poppo’s, I am grateful to be part of a restaurant and team that is so passionate for food and life! Being a chef for 11 years, I’ve worked for a lot of different companies all over Florida, and for two and half years on the Island of Maui. Throughout my time working for these restaurants, I thought that I would be stuck in a thankless career until I was blessed with the opportunity to become a part of Poppo’s.

My first day at work, the love shared came from all the employees at Lockwood and our guests. There was truly magic in the food and with the smiles of our team. I quickly dove into the Poppo’s world, and it all became organic to me. For the first time in 6 years, my wife saw me excited and happy at work.

Our central kitchen chefs make sure that the love for our food is consistent. Their hard work and passion for food and the Poppo’s culture can be noticed with every bite. I have never worked in a restaurant where the kitchen staff are so passionate for the success and love of a product as I have seen while working at Poppo’s Taqueria.

The experience does not stop with just the food and the staff, the guests equally make everyday a wonderful experience. Our guests greeted me with open arms, and they help to make each day shine! I instantly started to make connections with our regulars, remembering their daily orders, family news, and exciting vacation stories. In turn I am able to brighten their days with the comfort of our food. A lot of people do not remember what they do throughout their day, but they do remember what they ate! We at Poppo’s strive to make peoples’ days brighter with our service and food.

From helping Braden River’s sports teams, to donating for raffles and bringing lunch for local non-profit organizations, being a part of this community makes working at Poppo’s a fantastic experience. The fact that we are able to look beyond changing the burrito game, and also help in our small way to change the community makes me happy and proud. I am blessed to be part of the Poppo’s family and I am looking forward to many more years of sharing the love! Thank you all and God Bless!