Month: December 2016

Poppo’s On Soda: Keep It Natural

If you spend a minute scrolling through reviews of Poppo’s, one thing that will jump out at you is how often our soda selection gets mentioned. Our choice to exclusively carry sodas that do not contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, and not the big name soda brands, is something people notice.

While we feel good about that, it is actually a hard topic for us, because we pride ourselves on our dedication to serving food that promotes the wellness of the people who eat it. That’s part of why we make everything from scratch out of whole ingredients. That said, every once in a while you want a Mandarin Jarritos to wash down your burrito! And there are few experiences more delightful than a Virgil’s Root Beer.

So, as with everything else, when we decide to serve something, we strive to make it the best possible version it can be. In the case of our sodas, that means they are sweetened with either real sugar, or stevia, and never HFCS or aspartame. We’ve collected some of the best tasting and highest quality sodas available on earth, including the truly singular Virgil’s line, made from all natural ingredients, with no caffeine or preservatives.

We’ve got lots of great beverages to choose from, including spring water, organic (unsweetened) iced teas, and locally brewed kombucha, but when you’d like to indulge in something sweet, well, you could do a lot worse. Cheers!